Tools and stuff in the lab

People are often asking me what tools I am using to create my little projetcs. That’s why I have decided to create this post about my frequently used stuff. This includes both hard- and software and is not limited to soldering tools. If there is something missing you wanna know or if a product link doesn’t work, then please let me know and I will add it.

Frequently used software

Autodesk EAGLE is the application which I am using like every day and which is always open. It has a special window on my mac and it is always reachable through a single slide on my mousepad. Also it is the application which is most asked from people on Instagram. All my circuits and boards are created with it. 

Here you will find it.

Arduino IDE is the software which I use to program all of my mcus. No matter if it is ESP8266, Arduino or ATtiny. Some day I will switch to another environment but my fear about not understanding all the features and beeing confused is still present. Arduino IDE is a very simple environment, but has a lot of hidden features which are sufficient for my needs till now.

Check it out here.

PlatformIO is the software which has replaced my lovely Arduino environment. Just now (october 19) I learned to program in Visual Studio Code with the platformio extension and I am definitely happier than with the Arduino IDE.

Here you will find PlatformIO.

And here you will find Visual Studio Code.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is an awesome tool which I got to know since 2018. It is a wonderful tool to create awesome 3D objects or prints. And it is my first choice CAM software for my milling machine.

Here it is.

CNCjs is my final choice for controlling my milling machine. Even if QBot provides an extra program, I have to take another because I am running on Mac. 😦 Nevertheless, CNCjs is a good alternative because it runs over WiFi (Server running on a Raspberry Pi 4 and UI running in browser on my Mac – just like OctoPrint)

Here you will find it.

Octoprint controls my little 3D Printer. As mentioned above, it works over WiFi and the PC don’t need to be connected to the printer at any time. Awesome feature is the integrated Webcam, which is great when your printer is in your basement room.

Check it out here.

Final Cut Pro X is my first choice for creating videos for Instagram and Youtube.

Link to FCPX.

Frequently used stuff

Just hit the title to get the product link. Links redirecting to Amazon are affiliate links. This has either no effect on the product which I have linked for you nor on its price, but by using this link I will get a small provision. 

Andonstar AD407

Projects getting smaller and microscopic soldering is brilliant

Elegoo Mars Pro

SLA Printing is very new to me but the detailed prints are insane!

Makers third hand

My new third hand which I don’t wanna miss in my lab!


Newest, biggest, greatest tool in the lab. It gets my lab to a complete new level

Soldering Iron

The DIY hotplate iron works great with all kinds of surface mount components

Creality Ender 3 Pro

My newer, bigger Creality Ender 3 Pro

TS100 Iron

Own it about five years but started using it almost a year ago, it is great. With switchable tips

Creality Ender 2

My little Printer – still working fine. Unfortunately not available to buy anymore


My second build of a soldering station – not yet ready

Anenq Q1

The is my first choice multimeter because it can measure microamps easily

Soldering mat

You’ve seen it in several soldering videos

Reflow gun

When my hotplate iron is not suitable I will choose my 852D+ reflow station


Especially for some smaller circuits this is a great tool in my lab


No SMD stencil? No problem. Dispensing solderpaste with the AD982 is satisfying to watch

Soldering Iron

Oldi, but goldi! It’s like ten to twelve years old but it still works like a charm


Second microscope for recording some paste melting shots

PCB Stand

Very handy PCB stand with magnetic standoffs

SMD Boxes

24 little places for SMD parts per box. Everything in place

PCB Stand

This is my second choice. I prefer the yellow one

Camera equipment

Got it a few weeks ago (April 2020). It is fun for me to work with it. That’s the reason why I’m creating so much camera tools (slider, turntable, …)

Tripod 1

What is a good cam without a good tripod?

Tripod 2

These two small tripods are the base of my DIY overhead rig


For better sound I choose this crazy microphone

LED Panel

Mobile, small LED panel for a great light while recording


Soften lights – perfect for my
DIY Lightbox

Lens addons

These distance rings will help shooting some macro shots


For some crazy pictures

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