Picoclick – a powerful & tiny IOT-Button

People who follow my Instagram already knew what I have worked on several months now with tons of PCB iterations… But now it’s done! The Picoclick is a simple IOT-Button in a very small package. The dimensions of the PCB are only 18x20mm and the height with a 400909 battery is only about 10mm. ItContinue reading “Picoclick – a powerful & tiny IOT-Button”

Pikocube v1.0 – is it the smallest LED cube?

A funny weekend project for the LED lovers. I don’t know if someone have already seen the RGB-Brick which I’ve created almost a few years ago, but this one here is nearly the same, just the size is somehow different. One pixel of the RGB-Brick is bigger then four of the Pikocubes. And there areContinue reading “Pikocube v1.0 – is it the smallest LED cube?”