Picoclick – a powerful & tiny IOT-Button

People who follow my Instagram already knew what I have worked on several months now with tons of PCB iterations… But now it’s done! The Picoclick is a simple IOT-Button in a very small package. The dimensions of the PCB are only 18x20mm and the height with a 400909 battery is only about 10mm. ItContinue reading “Picoclick – a powerful & tiny IOT-Button”

A dashbutton for the Internet of Things called Octoclick

Basic idea of the octoclick was to create an optimized version of my dashbuttons. Optimized here means, to eliminate the main disadvantage of the ESP8266 respectively any other mcu: the deep sleep current. I came to the dashbutton thing while playing around with my home automation. I found out that there is nothing for justContinue reading “A dashbutton for the Internet of Things called Octoclick”

Pikocube v1.0 – is it the smallest LED cube?

A funny weekend project for the LED lovers. I don’t know if someone have already seen the RGB-Brick which I’ve created almost a few years ago, but this one here is nearly the same, just the size is somehow different. One pixel of the RGB-Brick is bigger then four of the Pikocubes. And there areContinue reading “Pikocube v1.0 – is it the smallest LED cube?”